Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year will welcome lots of love and laughter for us all. “New Year, New Me” always echoes this time of year but really it should be about PLANNING. There is no “New You” you are who you are so enjoy the ups and downs that comes with it as experience is the best teacher but how about making the year less bumpy? Whether it’s for a new home, job, car or losing weight these things all require a plan else what you desire in the way you desire it may not happen. So, how much more planning a wedding?

You will be surprised at how many leave booking venues, florists and photographers till the last minute and end up over budget or having a melt down. I call it the Delay Tax“. The Tax of paying for improper planning. Either you pay anything from £250 to £1000+ extra or your don’t get what you want at all because they are booked early. Don’t let that be you. Sit with your partner and count backwards monthly with all the things you need to do. Ask if vendors have payment plans and spread the cost if you need to, but secure them at least with a deposit. 

Last year I had a plan that I was going meet some amazing people and be booked all summer and guess what I was.  I booked over 30 weddings with great team support. Was it easy? No, Was it worth it? Yes. Much like planning a wedding there is a lot of preparation that goes in before I even get a couples wedding to cover. From my site, social media, packages, posting arrangements, meet-ups, scheduling call backs right till the very day I cover a wedding but it pays off in the end and all parties more so my couples feel like my service was money well spent.

Pssst, can you keep a secret? I have a 12 month planner to help even if you have 6 months to finalise your wedding. You will find it will most certainly help. Not only that, if you book before April you will save £275 and all weddings booked before end of April. Yup, that includes the silver package for those of you who are having an intimate ceremony . So what are you waiting for, get in contact now!