You have conquered the grave, yes you!

How awesome, how miraculous, how empowering!

As I woke up I knew today was a different day. Not because it was Thursday but because something shifted in my consciousness and I also believe in my subconscious also. I did not rush to start the day as normal, but I took my time to experience it. Are you rushing and cutting short the abundance of experiencing your Ruach (Breath of life)? Don’t! this life is already passing you by with each moment. Why rush the journey?

Driving to the office was slow motion for me not because of traffic or I was doing below the speed limit but because I became more aware of the things I took for granted. The sun risings and the beautiful colours fillings the sky. Seeing peoples’ faces that that drove and the immense concentration on their faces (some were equally as aloof). I took time to take in the Easyjet plane take off to it destination. There was a time we could not fly we could not drive but alas look where we are today. I wondered if the fast-paced lives we live are because of technology or our own eagerness to get there quick. Today was the first time I felt connected to my fellow road users. We were all in the pursuit of making purpose for the day, be it work for money to pay bills or invest in getting a house, an interview for job to get money and become more liberated, visiting a relative or dropping kids to school whatever it was (I believe it was the Spirit) had us all wake up and move forward in the newness of today. It is all connected. We all connected, to the Creator of all things who makes all things new including our lives in each moment.Now the things that you are worrying about in that haste and pursuit do you not believe that He who allowed you wake up, move, speak, be in health and wealth has a plan?

Yes, you may not feel like a millionaire but when you realise you lack nothing you will understand being a millionaire is a matter of the mind and location (it’s relative). You may not be a millionaire in your local currency but somewhere in the world your account says you are.

So fret not! You conquered the grave this morning you will conquer debts with wisdom and paying more than the minimum and cut back on things you know you don’t need. You will conquer the crazy boss that has it in for you for no reason known to you (but could be there to test your character as God has allowed it). You will conquer the bad reports you see about how your child is doing in school (not just by prayer alone but you will take time that you rush to do everything else to sit and understand the learning needs of your child and devote time to be their strength in their weakness). You will overcome the abusive relationships that are holding you hostage and break free when you realise it’s time to “Get up and walk”. You will conquer the unforgiveness you have towards people or someone when you realise mercy was shown to not only by God but by others when you weren’t acting right. You will overcome the negative thoughts telling you, you are less than when His word said He has given you love, power and a sound mind.  You will conquer not having the capital to start that business because you have a passion and a gift that you can start it now with next to nothing and build one day, one client at a time (Rome was not built in a day).

Two things I want you to get to see out of this. 1) As God is mindful of you be as equally mindful of your life and surroundings. 2) You have a great power within you to rule and conquer anything you desire so long as you see it, walk towards it and believe it to be yours.