Valentine’s Referral

What better way to say “I Love You” than to have pictures with the one(s) you love.

Jobi-J Valentine’s Referral Bonus

How would you like to earn N2500**?

All you need to do is send your name, bank account details and email then copy and paste the below text and forward to all your family and friends in the UK and Ireland.

For every friend and family you refer to Jobi-J get N2500

Monies earned will be remitted directly to your bank account once bookings are confirmed. You will get an email regarding your bonus once they book.

**There is no limit to how much you could earn so if you refer 10 confirmed (paid) bookings you could see a great referral bonus of N25000 in your account!!! Just remind them to mention your name when making the booking.

Jobi-J Valentine’s Promo

Valentine’s photos: Family and couples portraits £120!!

Single Portraits ONLY £90!!

Offer valid on bookings made before the 14th February.

For more info call 07947194719

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