So today I had the pleasure of covering my first wedding of the year for Mr and Mrs K. I woke up wondering what they were thinking and feeling looking out of my bedroom window. It was grey, cold and raining but I said to myself “Today is a good day to get married” and said a little prayer for the couple and the day ahead.

Mrs K. was such a lovely and beautiful soul. We fast became friends and had a lot of personal interactions (beyond chit chat about the wedding). I did my best to encourage and keep her spirits up due to some events that recently occurred in the run up to the wedding.

Needless to say all our little prayers and positive energy helped and it was a beautiful day. I truly was honoured to have been a part of it. Everything went well despite the weather. Nothing could keep this loving couple down and the laughter of the bride just filled the air that you couldn’t help but laugh or smile also.

I noticed she had on her wrist “Be Happy” and she recited the significance of it to me. I admired her boldness not only to have a needle on her (I’m a need phobe) but to BE HAPPY in-spite of it all and say “I do” again.

On leaving for the evening I got to my car and sat there, I realised with a deeper sense of knowing that

“broken hearts do mend and do find love again.”

It’s not a coincidence that the couples I cross paths with are giving love and the solemnisation another go. It led me to ponder my own path and journey to ever having such companionship and it filled me hope. This time a few years ago I could barely pick myself up talk less of a camera. But alas, here I am being happy doing what I love in-spite of it all. I feel honoured to capture moments of love for couples with nothing but pure joy in heart and best wishes in mind.

In being happy and true to who we are and our experiences it creates the opportunity for healing to take place that we almost forget if not for the random smells, places, or conversations of what used to be but now is not. Once we get to that place of simply being it’s as if that part of our lives was just a tiny flicker.

Thank you Mr and Mrs K. being with you both made me realise I too could have such again.

I believe 2018 is going to be a great year so I vow to myself to simply BE HAPPY and you should too!