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Devaluation of the Art that is Photography

In my personal experience I’ve learned that people often ask for photographers to work for next to nothing because they compare the profession to snapping pictures with their phone’s. Yes, taking a picture with your iPhone is very simple and easy but this should not be the basis to which a professional photographer is devalued.

Here are some things you should consider
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Happy New Year Love Birds!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year will welcome lots of love and laughter for us all. “New Year, New Me” always echoes this time of year but really it should be about PLANNING. There is no “New You” you are who you are so enjoy the ups and downs that comes with it as experience is the best teacher but how about making the year less bumpy? Whether it’s for a new home, job, car or losing weight these things all require a plan else what you desire in the way you desire it may not happen. So, how much more planning a wedding?

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Broken hearts find love again

So today I had the pleasure of covering my first wedding of the year for Mr and Mrs K. I woke up wondering what they were thinking and feeling looking out of my bedroom window. It was grey, cold and raining but I said to myself “Today is a good day to get married” and said a little prayer for the couple and the day ahead.

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