Finally I’m blogging!

Welcome one and all to the launch of my blog!!!

I’m a tad scared doing this as I’m used to being behind and not in front of the lens but with nudges from those I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with, I guess now is the time.

Welcome and enjoy the Jobi-J Experience.

What is the Jobi-J experience you ask? Well, it’s all things Jobi-J đŸ™‚ Life, love, thoughts, pictures, vlogs and rantings of an Afro-European who lives life through a very different lens and un-apologetically so!

2018 is going to be a great year so come with me, let’s experience it together.

Stay tuned for amazing posts!


  1. Very nice website and well organised page.the colour combination is perfect. clicking on the site,you want to look at all the pages.

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